TW’s Beginnings — Our Values, Your Benefits

TW was built on hard work, a passion for construction, and pride in delivering the highest levels of service and quality to our clients. From how our firm is structured to our construction methodologies, the TW team continuously sets the bar higher for project and client success.

Since opening our doors in 2014, we have held ourselves and our project outcomes to a higher standard. We value honesty, collaboration with clients, and powerful innovations that allow us to accelerate progress beyond the traditional and outdated approaches to construction. Our values, insights, and experience deliver maximum, long-term value to our clients’ construction projects and bottom lines.

Our Experience, Your Advantage

TW is your construction team. It’s in our name — TW “teamwork,” and our team is comprised of professionals with decades of construction experience who are focused on your success. We empower them to leverage collaboration, creativity, and being lifelong learners to have the capabilities to implement emerging methods, solutions, and technologies for innovation, growth, and success — ours and yours.

Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

TW Chicago has established a program dedicated to increasing awareness of Diversity & Inclusion in our staff. Each employee is enrolled in a training program through "Diversity Resources". This program touches on the importance of workplace diversity, awareness, communication, and respect for all individuals. TW Chicago has created alliances through subcontractor partners to include cultural diversity when identifying the trades people we
work with. As well as a commitment to attracting new hires with diverse  backgrounds.

Adaptive Experience

TW Chicago's client base has expanded outside of the Illinois market, with
projects in Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Ohio,
Missouri, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Our principals have a long history of
working in the construction and real estate industries. Over the years, we
have built strong relationships with local subcontractors, suppliers, and
governmental authorities in several markets across the U.S

Safety and Wellness

TW Chicago has an impeccable safety record. We have not been cited for any violations and have not incurred any incident recordables since our inception in 2014. TW Chicago has 13 superintendents, each dedicated to a job site with extensive construction experience. All field staff is OSHA, CPR and AED certified.


Using Procore helps us work more efficiently, communicate better, and streamline billing across stakeholders so everyone has access to the latest information in one organized platform. It's the industry leading construction management platform, it's easy-to-use, mobile project management software that improves efficiency by connecting field and office for real-time visibility.


New Life Shelter Renovation Helps At-Risk Youth, Families and Homeless in Chicago

They were in desperate need. After operating out of a 1920s auto repair building for 30 years, New Life Interim Housing Shelter put out a call for help.

Businesses and donors responded, including TW Chicago. When serving our clients, it’s a partnership. Their goals are our priority, and we collaborate to achieve their success. When it comes to our community, we do the same.

New Life’s impact on our community is measurable. The 37-bed facility has helped thousands of people by providing families in need with
temporary shelter. To further help them get back on their feet, it offers social services such as children’s after-school programs, counseling,
transitional housing, and job training. In 2021, during the pandemic and with limited capacity, it served over 1,000 people facing hardship.

New Life’s impact is also immeasurable. Feeding a hungry family. Providing a bed to a homeless mother and child. These building blocks
help restore dignity, self-worth, and hope. It has an immeasurable and positive impact today, on future generations, and on our community.

“The pandemic has helped us all appreciate the value of critical support services. We are honored to aid in the shelter’s mission to transform people’s lives.”
~TW Chicago

A building that repaired cars, now repairs lives

The garage on Paulina Street served as an auto repair for decades. Now, it helps get people’s lives on the road to long-term success. The building had seen better days, however, and it was in desperate need of modern upgrades.

It lacked interior walls, contributing to it being cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Not all bathrooms were functioning, and the space did not allow privacy, with beds, offices, and dining areas all sharing space in the main shelter room. The new renovation will include:

  • Electrical wiring and plumbing
  • Air conditioning
  • Upgraded Bathrooms
  • Kitchen and lounge area
  • Playroom for kids
  • Counseling, training, and computer area
  • New beds, dining tables, and furniture
  • Expandable walls for privacy
  • Double door secure entrance

These improvements will provide a safe and healthy facility where families can work on their next steps to achieve permanent housing and
receive transformative help for stability and success.

Spreading the Good News

Since 1991, the nonprofit Good News Partners has operated the New Life Interim Housing Shelter. The shelter is part of the Good News Partners’ housing facilities aimed at ending homelessness and hopelessness by guiding families through the transition from being homelessness to permanent housing.

TW Chicago has worked with Good News Partners on their renovation plans for the shelter, and we are providing project and construction
services. Generous donors and volunteers have also aided in offsetting construction costs. But the project has experienced the rising cost of
materials and supplies, which has increased overall cost and delayed construction.

In April, Rep. Jan Schakowsky notified Good News Partners that they were selected to receive $450,000 from the federal government’s
community funding program. By securing this funding, the shelter was able to cover its $900,000 budget and move forward with the project.

Be a Champion for Families and Children in Chicago On June 3, 2022, demolition at the shelter began. Construction will soon be underway and is expected to be complete in 3-5 months. Funds are still needed to cover items such as furniture and unanticipated expenses. How can you help?

Donate at

Volunteer at

“TW believes in building a legacy of collaboration, care, and community. Investments in families and
children are the most important we can make.”

~TW Chicago