Rick Anderson

Vice President of Field Operations

Rick Anderson serves as the Vice President of Field Operations at TW Chicago and has held a pivotal role in the executive team since 2017. In this capacity, he takes charge of overseeing and managing field operations, providing supervision to field superintendents and construction projects. As the TW Safety Director, Rick efficiently handles an array of responsibilities, including organizing safety meetings, conducting training, managing OSHA inquiries, and monitoring safety-related issues. Emphasizing that safety is no accident, Rick firmly advocates for safety tools as the best tools.

At the core of his work philosophy is accountability, wherein he takes pride and ownership in his work, positioning himself as a dependable colleague. With an extensive background of over 30 years in construction, Rick has encountered the industry from various perspectives — as a union tradesman, superintendent, project manager, and general superintendent. This well-rounded experience has endowed him with extensive industry knowledge and the agility to devise creative resolutions, ensuring the smooth and successful execution of projects.

A proud member of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America (UBC), Rick has successfully completed his carpenter apprenticeship training, obtained his OSHA 30-Hour Certification, and holds certifications in First Aid and CPR. Rick's grit, dedication, and exceptional leadership undeniably make him an integral and valuable part of TW and its continuous successes.