Melissa McGregor

Senior Project Accountant

Melissa holds the position of Senior Project Accountant at TW Chicago, overseeing billing and managing various financial aspects, including the general ledger, bank reconciliations, accounts payable, job closeouts, and project costs.

Having become a part of the firm in 2022, Melissa is distinguished for her exceptional organizational skills and keen attention to detail. She takes pride in effectively managing multiple deadlines and ensuring timely project completion.

With a wealth of over 12 years of accounting experience, Melissa commenced her career as an accounting clerk and steadily progressed to her current role as a senior project accountant. Prior to joining TW, she contributed her expertise to an electrical subcontractor and general contractor firm.

Melissa holds an associate degree in accounting, and she is on track to earn an associate degree in finance in 2023. Her commitment to her work, coupled with unwavering loyalty, establishes her as a tremendous asset to TW.