Lacey McKenzie

Project Manager III

Lacey McKenzie serves as Project Manager III at TW Chicago, where her role involves coordinating operations among all stakeholders engaged within construction projects. Her responsibilities include fostering collaboration with the client, TW Chicago, and the design team.

Lacey's robust organizational skills empower her to oversee various facets, such as on-site material submittals, requests for project information, and meeting action items. As well, she assumes responsibility for project schedules, finances, performance, and overall customer satisfaction, overseeing projects from initiation to completion.

Since joining TW in 2018, Lacey has gained recognition for her adaptability and enthusiasm, crucial attributes in navigating challenges with agility. With a diverse background that includes earning a Bachelor of Science degree in meteorology from Northern Illinois University and transitioning into the construction industry as an estimator, Lacey brings a unique skill set to her role.

Lacey's exceptional commitment to success and her willingness to dedicate countless hours establish her as a significant contributor to TW. Her loyalty and unwavering dedication make her an integral and respected member of the team.