Jimmy Smyth

Project Engineer

Jimmy Smyth, serving as a Project Engineer at TW Chicago, assumes a pivotal role in supporting project managers and estimating teams throughout the course of construction projects. His responsibilities extend to organizing bidding processes for new projects and ensuring clients complete essential paperwork, contributing to the seamless execution of projects.

Since becoming part of the TW Chicago team in 2023, Jimmy has established himself as a professional with a robust work ethic and notable flexibility. Recognized for his collaborative approach, he consistently proves himself as a team player, readily offering assistance to enhance TW's commitment to providing clients with optimal service and results.

With a bachelor's degree in marketing from Tennessee Wesleyan University and an MBA from Saint Xavier University, specializing in management, Jimmy brings a blend of academic and professional achievements to his role. Beyond his accomplishments, Jimmy has a background as a former professional baseball player and infielder, adding a unique dimension to his skill set. His valuable insights and knowledge have significantly contributed to the success of the TW team, solidifying Jimmy as a strong asset to the company.