Jerry Krebes


As a Project Superintendent at TW Chicago, Jerry takes charge of supervising subcontractors' day-to-day activities across job sites, primarily situated in Michigan. His duties encompass ensuring site safety, coordinating various trades, guaranteeing the punctual attainment of objectives and deadlines, and, most importantly, securing client contentment with projects. Jerry consistently interacts with clients, nurturing collaborative alliances with trade subcontractors, and applying his adept problem-solving abilities to bolster project triumph.

Jerry excels in communication. He believes that maintaining a consistent and open line of communication is crucial for reaching desired outcomes. Drawing upon his extensive background, Jerry seamlessly navigates challenges, using his wealth of experience to resolve issues effectively. Furthermore, his expertise enables him to orchestrate operations meticulously, ensuring that tasks are executed with the utmost safety and punctuality.

With over 30 years of experience in the construction industry, Jerry brings a wealth of knowledge to TW. His background in project and task management is seasoned, having collaborated with subcontractors in Michigan, particularly focusing on light commercial construction. Notably, he served as General Manager for ISQ Holdings, a private equity firm. Jerry holds a BBA from Eastern Michigan University and is Procore certified, augmenting his already substantial proficiency in the field.

Jerry's success in the industry, ability to effectively communicate, and hard-working nature make him a great addition to the TW team. His drive for success and abundance of experience in the field makes him an invaluable asset to the team, which will allow him to continue making significant contributions to the company's success.