Grace Smith

Project Engineer

Grace Smith, serving as a Project Engineer at TW Chicago, assumes a pivotal role in supporting project managers and estimating teams throughout the course of construction projects. Her responsibilities extend to organizing bidding processes for new projects and ensuring clients complete essential paperwork, contributing to the seamless execution of projects.

Grace is a skilled professional with a focus on effective communication and meticulous attention to detail. One of her notable strengths is her ability to ensure that expectations are clearly communicated and established, fostering a proactive approach to addressing any arising issues promptly. Additionally, Grace excels in forward-thinking, consistently anticipating challenges to minimize the risk of errors and mistakes.

With a solid foundation in construction, Grace has gained valuable experience as a Project Coordinator at another General Contractor, adding a year of experience under her belt. Currently enrolled in a Construction Management Program at Joliet Junior College, she is actively pursuing an Associate Degree to further enhance her knowledge and skills in the field.

Grace's commitment to safety is evident through her possession of an OSHA-30 Certification, highlighting her dedication to maintaining secure work environments. Furthermore, she has acquired numerous Procore Certifications, showcasing her proficiency in project management software. Grace's well-rounded skills, combined with her diverse background, make her a valuable asset to TW Chicago.