Donnie Milne

Senior Superintendent

Donnie Milne serves as a Senior Superintendent at TW Chicago, taking charge of leading and managing the on-site construction team at various job sites. His responsibilities encompass coordinating with trade partners, enforcing safety protocols, ensuring site cleanliness, and maintaining effective communication with building engineers to facilitate the seamless progression of projects.

Donnie places a strong emphasis on being a team player, finding particular satisfaction in TW's collaborative environment. He firmly believes that leveraging the strengths of every team member is key to project success. For Donnie and TW, this collaborative spirit extends beyond the internal team to include clients, emphasizing a commitment to ensuring a positive client experience and satisfaction.

Having joined TW in 2019, Donnie brings over 25 years of industry experience with a specialization in carpentry. His unique expertise equips him with the knowledge and skills to effectively supervise and run projects, consistently delivering positive results. Throughout his career, Donnie has refined his ability to communicate expectations and timelines while also demonstrating agility by actively participating in final tasks to meet project deadlines.

Donnie's industry expertise and unwavering work ethic make him an indispensable contributor to TW's successes. He plays a vital role in day-to-day operations and excels in building strong relationships with both clients and the TW team.