Donnie Milne

Senior Superintendent

Donnie Milne is a Senior Superintendent with TW Chicago. He leads and manages the on-site construction team at his job sites. This includes coordinating trade partners, enforcing safety protocols, maintaining a clean site, and communicating with building engineers to ensure the smooth progression of the project at hand.

Donald takes pride in being a team player, which is even more gratifying in TW’s collaborative environment. He believes that leveraging everyone’s strengths ensures the success of projects. For Donald and TW, the team and collaboration also extend to the client, making a client’s experience and satisfaction a reality.

Donald joined TW in 2019, and he has more than 25 years of industry experience with a specialization in carpentry. His expertise offers unique knowledge and the capabilities to supervise and run projects with positive results. Over his career, Donald has honed his skills and agility — from communicating expectations and timelines to jumping in and completing final tasks to meet project deadlines.

Whenever he can, Donald also jumps at the opportunity to beat his fishing record. He’s always outdoing himself and the record number of crappies he’s caught. His friends and family are happy to hear when he’s out on his boat — they know they’re in for a good old-fashioned fish fry.