DJ Doherty

Superintendent II 

DJ Doherty holds the role of Superintendent II at TW Chicago, where he collaborates with tenants and subcontractors to achieve clients' objectives and ensure timely and budget-conscious project completion. DJ's adept critical thinking and effective management resources position him as a leader in overseeing TW's commercial and industrial projects, ensuring their smooth operation.

Since becoming part of the company in 2017, DJ has gained a reputation for his proactive approach, leveraging his construction experience to anticipate and address potential issues. He takes great pride in his team, emphasizing the importance of teamwork, flexibility, and agility in undertaking diverse project aspects to contribute to the success of both TW and its clients.

With over 8 years of experience in the construction industry, DJ is driven by a passion for continuous learning, actively expanding his knowledge through interactions with industry peers and coworkers. He holds a Bachelor of Science in construction management from Western Illinois University, where he completed courses in LEED, Six Sigma, estimating, and management. DJ is also OSHA 30-Hour certified.

DJ's unwavering commitment to learning and delivering top-notch work has established him as an indispensable member of the TW team. His strong work ethic is evident in his dedication to prioritizing clients' needs, above all, making him a reliable and valuable asset to the company.