David Del Valle

Project Manager

David Del Valle holds the role of Project Manager at TW Chicago, where he assumes the responsibility of maintaining an in-depth understanding of project specifications and drawings to provide crucial support to the project management team. David takes pride in his comprehensive familiarity with the entire scope and facets of projects, ensuring their smooth and high-quality execution and delivery.

A lifelong learner, David consistently seeks opportunities to enhance his skills and knowledge. Renowned for his drive and motivation, he is dedicated to bringing out the best in others through his positive attitude and willingness to assist both clients and the TW team. David joined TW in 2021, returning from the Fort Myers/Naples area, and brings with him prior experience with general contractor firms in Chicago, as well as serving as a project engineer in Florida.

David holds a bachelor’s degree in technical systems management with a focus on construction management from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and he is OSHA 30-hour certified. His attention to detail, unwavering loyalty, and strong interpersonal skills collectively contribute to making David an invaluable employee at TW.