Christopher Derks

Vice President & Project Executive

Christopher Derks serves as the Vice President and Project Executive for TW Chicago, having joined the firm in 2019. With a wealth of experience in project management and operations for multimillion-dollar companies, Christopher is the go-to person when it comes to project management at TW.

Motivating his team of managers, Christopher ensures projects run efficiently with his sharp eye for workflow. He has elevated TW's management, estimating, accounting, and control tools, significantly enhancing project efficiency. When working with clients, Chris meticulously selects the best TW Project Manager tailored to the client's specific needs. Collaborating with all project stakeholders, from tenants and building owners to architects and engineers, Chris builds relationships that lead to successful projects.

As a passionate sports fan, Chris applies a team-like mentality to problem-solving, embodying a collaborative approach in his work ethic. His philosophy revolves around the idea that "It is not your problem; it is our problem."

Christopher earned his Bachelor of Science in construction management with a minor in business from Bradley University. His hard work, dedication, and exceptional interpersonal skills make him an integral part of TW Chicago, where he excels as a great VP and leader.